My brain hurts. I’m frazzled and frozen by uncertainty. I look far and wide for the right course of action: research, friends, family, experts. Days into decision-making, I’m still stuck and overwhelmed. 

Words from David Whyte drift through my consciousness: Start close in. And it dawns on me. My mind is desperately seeking a solution from the outside world…could my inner landscape hold the answer?

So I sit, and set a timer for 5 minutes. Closing my eyes, I let out a big exhale. Lay a hand on my heart. Plant the seed, I know what’s right. Invite a soft and slow inhale. Release a softer and slower exhale.

I turn my attention to the flow of breath, simply watching it move in and out. Thoughts, feelings, and sensations wander into my awareness.

What if I choose wrong…breathe. Anxiety…breathe. Upset stomach…breathe. 

Attention returns to the breath, over and over. The space between breaths. As space expands, I sink into it. Hearing a gentle chime, I slowly open my eyes and stretch my limbs. 

Thoughts are sprinkled with curiosity. Feelings tilted toward calm. Sensations infused with comfort. Space in my mind, softness in my emotions, buzzing in my belly.

Insight from Fritz Perls emerges:

Fear is excitement without the breath.

In this moment, and the ones that follow, I feel ease instead of angst. I notice a perceptible shift in my wellbeing.

A few minutes of breathing gifted me Access to Inner Guidance. I let go of trying to predict and analyze all possible outcomes from now until the end of time. The pressure is off. I find peace and relief in a deep knowing, unclouded by a busy mind and the advice of others. 

I know what’s right…and I’m excited.


An Outside-In Decision

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