Megan DeRosa is a stress and wellbeing expert who has spent two decades exploring wellness and mind-body medicine. Through education and writing, she guides people to cultivate less stress and more ease in their minds, bodies, and lives. Her work is grounded in graduate studies in holistic health and healing, a solid foundation in science—she’s a former NASA scholar and science writer—and advanced training in yoga, life coaching, and energy medicine. Megan has been featured in many popular publications and platforms, including Yoga Journal, Insight Timer, Yoga Anytime, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, The Chopra Center, Yoga Therapy Health, and Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.

Over several decades, Megan has observed mind-body medicine’s most powerful, meaningful benefits emerge through experience. A subtle alchemy transpires when we practice. We let go of old habits that no longer serve us. Tune-in to our inner landscapes. Awaken our own deep resources. Become more engaged and present in our daily lives. Discover less stress and more ease. Heal and thrive. 

With an MA in Holistic Health and Healing, Megan conducted literature- and experiential-based research into modalities that support and restore wellbeing and wholeness. Her thesis—Golden Threads: Shared Themes in Holistic Health and Healing Modalities (Prescott College 2012)—uncovered a pattern of five inner landmarks that are essential to healing: letting go, moving toward balance, accessing inner guidance, expanding awareness, and experiencing empowerment. She’s also a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT), a registered yoga teacher (RYT500/E-RYT200), and continuing education provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance with over 1000 hours of yoga training, 30 years of practice, and 15 years of teaching experience. In addition, Megan has completed advanced certifications in life coaching through the Hendricks Institute’s conscious-living model, as well as energetic-healing certifications in Reiki. And, she has a solid foundation in science: She holds a BS in Integrated Science and Technology, was a NASA scholar, and worked as a science editor and writer for over a decade. 

Megan has a deep personal and professional understanding of mind-body modalities, wellbeing, and healing. She has a gift for distilling modern science and ancient wisdom into simple, approachable teachings that support ease and connection. Learn more about her offerings.

Education and Training

  • Certified Somatic-Based Life Coach, The Hendricks Institute
  • Certified Second Degree Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Jin Kei Do
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School and Urban Yoga
  • Specialized Courses: Yoga for Chronic Pain, Yoga for Cancer, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Grief, Advanced Assessment Techniques and Treatment Planning, Yoga of Recovery, Yoga for Depression & Anxiety