Less stress & more ease

move well. feel well. live well.

micropractices for comfort, calm, and connection

with Megan DeRosa

less stress & more ease

move well. feel well. live well.

micropractices for comfort, calm, and connection

with Megan DeRosa

Discover less stress and more ease today with a 5-minute micropractice designed to soothe your shoulders, neck, and nervous system.

Hi, I’m Megan

I’m a yoga therapist and wellness coach, writer, and speaker who shares guidance, resources, and expertly curated tools for less stress and more ease. I love supporting deep transformation and sharing long-term solutions that facilitate healing and elevate wellbeing.

Do you want to reclaim comfort, calm, and connection in your body, mind, and life? You’ve come to the right space.

With an eye on both ancient wisdom and modern science, I share practical, approachable resources. Research-backed tools that transform our relationship with stress. Small doses of movement, breathing, meditation, mindfulness, lifestyle habits, and more to optimize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

For long-lasting change, frequent practice is essential. We’re not talking about the “go big or go home approach,” we just need to go small and show up. Research tells us that if we only practice a little, but often, we can create positive change in our brains and bodies. 

I’ve been a wellbeing pathfinder for over two decades. In that time, I went from being a NASA scholar and science writer who studied yoga, to a yoga therapist and wellness coach with a master’s degree in holistic health and healing.

In that time, I also became a mom. To create space for self-care healthcare, I had to distill all of my resources into simple, powerful micropractices. Little doses of mind-body medicine that were easy to sprinkle into everyday life. Small breaks that sparked meaningful change.   

And so, I practice what I preach. In just moments a day, with these micropractices, I tilt away from stress and into ease. I reclaim comfort, calm, and connection in my body, thoughts, emotions, and life.

Join me to create new, nourishing habits that elevate your wellbeing. Chart a more sustainable pattern of living. Discover your innate capacity to heal and thrive. 

“Megan is to ease what Oprah is to insight. She’s a guiding light in these uneasy times!” -Vanessa Loder, MBA, women’s leadership expert and author of The Soul Solution

“I absolutely love the Mind-Body Micropractices! Your calm voice makes me feel grounded instantly. The breathing and movements relax my body and mind. And all of that in about 5 minutes a practice.” -M.L., client

Let’s work together

Are you looking for a custom wellness workshop, training, or session for your company, conference, or yoga program? Or maybe you need stress-management tools you can practice right now at your desk or kitchen counter. I’m here to help.

I offer live events, on-demand resources, and insightful articles that help people shift from burning out to thriving. I love sharing mind-body science, wellness approaches, and micropractices that promote lasting change.

 My virtual and in-person sessions blend education with experiential, in-the-moment resources (i.e., micropractices) to engage multiple learning styles. Practical, research-backed movement, mindfulness, and breathing techniques empower participants to transform their relationship with stress.

Elevate comfort, calm, and connection in everyday life and challenging times. Optimize your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

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