Move Well. Feel Well. Live Well.

in microdoses of space & ease

reclaim comfort, calm, and connection with Megan DeRosa

Move Well. Feel Well. Live Well.

in microdoses of space & ease

reclaim comfort, calm, and connection with Megan DeRosa

A little ease goes a long way. Soothe stress today with three, simple practices.

Mind-Body Micropractices To Elevate Wellbeing

I’m a teacher, researcher, and writer who has spent two decades exploring healing, wellbeing, and mind-body medicine. This background comes together in my work as a wellness coach and yoga therapist. Keeping an eye on both ancient wisdom and modern science, I share practical, approachable resources. Movements, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, lifestyle habits, and more are integrated to optimize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

I guide women to reclaim ease and space with practices I’ve thoughtfully gathered in my professional work. Tools are curated from my:

* graduate studies in holistic health and healing

* decades-long experience in yoga and other mind-body approaches

* background in science

I’m also a mom and a human. I understand it’s hard to create space for self-care healthcare. So over the years, I’ve distilled these resources into tiny micropractices. Small doses of mind-body medicine that spark meaningful change. 

In just moments a day, we all have the ability to reclaim space and ease. To create new, nourishing habits that elevate our wellbeing. To chart a more sustainable pattern of living. Join me, and realize more calm, comfort, and connection in everyday life. Discover your innate capacity to heal and thrive. Let’s work together.

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