Women’s Wellbeing Mentorship

This Mentorship is for you, if you’re ready to:

  • Follow inner longings instead of outer expectations
  • Reclaim ease and connection in everyday life
  • Transform your relationship with stress
  • Commit to daily practice to optimize your wellbeing*

*Remember, I encourage a “little and often” approach to practice…so we’re only talking about 5-minutes or so per day!

The Women’s Wellbeing Mentorship includes an empowering integration of private sessions, remote coaching, and on-demand support to foster lasting, positive change.

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Stress and Wellbeing Events

Workshops, Speaking Engagements, & Trainings

I love sharing simple, actionable mind-body tools to help people live and work with less stress and more ease.

Workshops, trainings, and speaking engagements empower participants through a “little and often” approach to positive change. All of my virtual and in-person sessions incorporate experiential, in-the-moment resources (i.e., micro-practices). Participants learn how to integrate natural cycles of effort and ease for optimal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Experiential events are adapted to each client’s goals and environment, and include an approachable blend of education, science, and practice. Thoughtfully curated techniques may include mindfulness, meditation, movement therapies, guided imagery, breathing exercises, mindset shifts, body-scanning, and other evidence-informed methods.

Participants leave with accessible resources to soothe the nervous system, manage stress, promote ease, and improve wellbeing. By practicing these little tools often, clients transform the way they move, feel, and live. They elevate ease and connection in everyday life and challenging times.

I’ve successfully led events in many different environments, including: universities, military bases, large companies, small businesses, and yoga programs.

Ready to bring a workshop or experiential talk to your business, school, organization, conference, or women’s wellness event? Contact me today to learn more or inquire about booking a Stress and Wellbeing Event!

Women’s Wellness Events

Navigate Change With Ease

Life is full of change. And yet—with every small shift and big transition—we often lose all sense of ease and feel irritable, tense, and unsettled. Restore ease in your mind and body with evidence-informed practices. Experience nourishing doses of movement, breathing, and mindfulness. Learn tools to feel soothed, settled, and empowered to transform your relationship with change…one moment at a time.

Reclaim Ease in Your Mind, Body, and Life

One day—usually somewhere in the middle years—we wake up and realize the hectic pace and rhythm of modern womanhood isn’t sustainable. We feel overwhelmed, achy, and a pull to live differently. Calm, comfort, and connection are closer than we think. Learn the art and science of a “little and often” approach to positive change with evidence-informed micropractices. Leave with actionable mind-body tools to reclaim ease, right in the midst of everyday life.

Restore Ease Through Your Senses

What do you notice through your senses, and how does this shape your wellbeing? In this experiential workshop, tap into the innate wisdom of your body. Soothe your nervous system with curated mindfulness practices. Discover nourishment, sweetness, and delight through your senses. Harness the power of intentional moments to access more ease and connection. Learn how to create lasting, positive change.

A Few Kind Words about Megan

“Your workshop was just what I needed! The tools I learned have been so helpful in my daily life.” -M.S., workshop participant

“Thanks for practical reminders of how we can find ease during challenging times, big and small.” -J.S., client

“It always amazes me that after a session with you, I feel better for the whole day.” -V.K., client

“Your videos are so calming and effective. I love that they’re short as well, so that you can easily fit them into your day.” -B.W.

“I absolutely love your Move Into Ease videos! Your calm voice makes me feel grounded instantly. The breathing and movements relax my body and mind. And all of that in about 5 minutes a practice.” -M.L.

“My partner is recovering from a TBI and also has Parkinson’s. Your videos are so helpful to encourage him to move his body everyday. Thank you for everything you do.” -J.P.

“Your guided breathing practice on Insight Timer is quite a shift in just five, mindful minutes. Thank you for this gift.” -A.S.

“Soft and Slow Moment on Insight Timer is a great way to step back, slow down, and focus on your breath. I felt a sense of peace in a very short time.” -S.H.