VOD Micropractices for Wellbeing

Mind-body Micropractices promote wellbeing and help us move well, feel well, live well. With my Video-On-Demand library, discover comfort, calm, and connection in everyday life and challenging times.

Only have a few minutes? That’s all you need to experience less stress and more ease. These small, powerful doses of mind-body medicine foster wellbeing, release tension, soothe stress, and calm the nervous system.

Science-backed resources are personally and professionally curated to help you move, feel, and live well. Guided joint mobility, nerve gliding, breathing, and other gentle yet powerful approaches are thoughtfully crafted into short-and-sweet sessions.

Each guided 5- to 10-minute Micropractice is a simple, accessible step toward positive transformation.

For long-lasting change, frequent practice is essential. We’re not talking about the “go big or go home approach,” we just need to go small and show up. Research tells us that if we only practice a little, but often, we can create positive change in our brains and bodies. 

By sprinkling micropractices throughout our days, we transform how we respond to stressors and elevate our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Discover less stress and more ease, comfort, calm, and connection today with on-demand Micropractices.

Wellness events

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

I love sharing micropractices that promote wellbeing and help people move well, feel well, and live well. These science-backed movement, mindfulness, and breathing techniques foster less stress and more ease at work and at home.

All of my virtual and in-person sessions incorporate experiential, in-the-moment resources (i.e., micropractices) that guide participants to integrate natural cycles of effort and ease for optimal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. They elevate comfort, calm, and connection in everyday life and challenging times.

By practicing these little tools often, we transform the way we move, feel, and live.

As a mentor, teacher, and coach, I’ve successfully led events in many different environments, including: universities, military bases, large companies, small businesses, and yoga programs.

Contact me today to learn more or inquire about booking a wellness event!

A Few Kind Words about Megan

“Megan is to ease what Oprah is to insight. She’s a guiding light in these uneasy times!” -Vanessa Loder, MBA, women’s leadership expert and author of The Soul Solution

“With warmth and humor, Megan…delivers micro-shift suggestions that can be easily integrated into busy schedules.” -Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD, bestselling author and transformational leader

“It always amazes me that after a session with you, I feel better for the whole day.” -V.K.

“Your Mind-Body Micropractices are so calming and effective. I love that they’re short as well, so that you can easily fit them into your day.” -B.W.

“I absolutely love the Mind-Body Micropractices! Your calm voice makes me feel grounded instantly. The movements relax my body and mind. And all of that in under 10 minutes a practice.” -M.L.

“My partner is recovering from a TBI and also has Parkinson’s. Your videos are so helpful to encourage him to move his body everyday. Thank you for everything you do.” -J.P.

“Your guided breathing practice is quite a shift in just five, mindful minutes. Thank you for this gift.” -A.S.

“Soft and Slow Moment is a great way to step back, slow down, and focus on your breath. I felt a sense of peace in a very short time.” -S.H.

“Thanks for practical reminders of how we can find ease during challenging times, big and small.” -J.S.

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