Decisions loom. Burdened by the weight of making the right choice, I’m officially frazzled. My brain hurts. I feel utterly frozen by uncertainty.

My little family is facing some big decisions. Should my husband stay in a job where he feels secure and content, or pursue a new position that offers excitement and challenge? Do we live in a city where we’re comfortable and happy, or search for a town that’s the perfect fit? Will my toddler be an only child, or a big brother? How do I creatively blend motherhood with my other work?

This is overwhelming, it’s too complicated. I’m stuck in indecision. I have no clue what I really want. Then I realize: “Oh. I’m actually choosing the hard road. There’s an easier way.

You take yourself wherever you go,” my grandma used to say.

My: Self. Being. Essence. Source. Spirit. It’s always with me. I remember, and I pause.

I sit, and set a timer for 20 minutes. I close my eyes and let out a big exhale. Silently, I ask, “What do I want?”

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