During a particularly hectic and heavy day recently, I pulled up to a long stoplight. I glanced to my left and noticed a tree with leaves falling in the breeze. My eyes lingered, I looked closer, and saw that they were not leaves, but hundreds of birds perched on the limbs. A moment of gratitude filled my heart, and I noticed a welling up of joy.

Gratitude is a practice.

Gratitude is good for us mentally, emotionally, and physically… It’s linked to better sleep, creativity, and decision-making skills.

Gratitude is about remembering “the day you prayed for all the things you have now.” And remembering that often with in-the-moment practices (aka, micropractices) woven into everyday life and challenging times.

We’ve had a lot of tragedy recently, near and far…and in the midst of it, it’s more important than ever to practice gratitude. It grounds us. It gives us meaning. It connects us to ourselves and others. It invites joy.

Keep practicing even when it’s hard…especially when it’s hard. As Brené Brown writes in Atlas of the Heart, “a practice is a way of doing, trying, failing, and trying again.”

How will you practice gratitude today?

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